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QSE-VET Conference

The evidence for the relevance of Vocational Training programmes – learners’ destinations and employers' satisfaction with what they have learned

One of the ongoing things within vocational education is the challenge of maintaining relevance between what is being taught and what is needed by industry. Hence, ensuring that students have solid job and career prospects. They have got to master those skills in a particular domain. It can be in carpentry or landscape gardening, but they got to have some home domain of expertise, which they can then develop more general skills. But what do we do when a qualification is deemed as inappropriate or requires a different context to be useful? Different member states have dealt with this differently. This conference will debate this aspect of VET. How to shift between applying gap analysis when reviewing courses and qualifications and moving to one that equips students and VET providers to be equipped to adapt to the inevitability of change. 

This conference provides an opportunity for networking and ideas sharing in a friendly and atmosphere with a cross-section of industry representatives, practitioners, researchers, and policymakers. The conference also contributes to building capacity and capability in VET research by providing opportunities for engagement and learnings for researchers.  

The conference is also the final event in the project “Quality standards for evidence-based vocational education: indicator 5 and 6 of EQAVET” (QSE-VET). The project aimed to elaborate recommendation for the aimed to develop guidelines with relevant indicators for VET authorities and VET providers for the assessment of the relevance of skills provided by VET-institution with regards to demanded by employers.

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Folkuniversitetet Uppsala / Dimitra Education & Consulting


Monday April 26, 2021, 10:00 - 13:00 CEST

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