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What are the market drivers and technology trends for the Software and IT Service industry in 2021? Pareto Securities is “on-top” of these topics and will share insights at the upcoming virtual TechITService Conference, hosted by the Pareto Securities Frankfurt Branch. The goal of the conference is to present investors a focused insight into the spectrum of IT companies and their cutting-edge thinkers empowering the IT industry. Management presentations, panel discussions, and further expert sessions relating to the IT industry will complement the program.


Pareto will present speakers of Software, IT Service, ITAd, ITInfra and ITCom companies. In addition, industry experts will discuss current hot topics shaping the IT industry such as GAIA-X, IT Security, AI, next generation ITinfra and others. 



The full Agenda will be made available on the virtual platform closer to the conference date. You will be receiving a confirmation email with your personal log-in detail.

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Tuesday April 20, 2021

Pareto Securities

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