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EHIN 3 – Sesjon C1 - What can we learn from the NHS?

Tuesday October 31, 2017 10:45 - 12:00 Room 3

Lecturers: Edgar van Zoelen, Keith McNeil, Kjartan Olafsson
Moderator: Eirik Nikolai Arnesen

This session takes the "Wachter Review" some starting point on how tecjnology change can be organised. "NHS and the deliverance of technology of value to the UKs health care system"

The Wachter Review outlined 10 recommendations to inform the English health and care system’s approach to the further implementation of IT in healthcare, especially the use of electronic health records and other digital tools to achieve a paper free system.

More on this you find here



Rekkefølgen her nede er alfabetisk, ikke kronologisk. 


Edgar van Zoelen Lecturer

Head of HealthSuite Labs & Ecosystem Management

Edgar is an entrepreneurial executive with a wide range of experiences within different technology driven industries like Healthcare, Telecommunications and Digital industry. This resulted in learnings and insights with regards to the development and commercialization of complex integrated solutions and services while utilizing multidisciplinary teams and technology. During the course of his career he has been a leader in several organizational change programs combined with the associated reorganizations. He is very passionate about changing, improving and motivating teams in order to grow the top and bottom line of the organization while realizing true impact with the people (colleagues/customers). HealthSuite Labs is a co-create and co-innovate environment that uses design thinking and agile methodologies combined with the latest digital technologies to support healthcare institutions and healthcare networks. The foundation of the digital eHealth ecosystem. In order to truly transform Healthcare Philips needed to start thinking differently and organize themselves within the eHealth ecosystem. From connected consumer products, services, software to medical grade services to enable true population health management. HealthSuite Labs enables partnering to team-up with Philips and to demonstrate our combined thought leadership within the entire health continuum by solving relevant healthcare challenges through meaningful integrated solutions and services. He has an MBA from Erasmus University (NL), graduated in business economics.

Keith McNeil Lecturer

Professor, Chief Clinical Information Officer
National Health Service (NHS)

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Kjartan Olafsson Lecturer

GP - Listdoctor speciality of Familiy Medicine Vice-President UEMO, Central Board Norwegian Med. Ass. Board of NorGP EHealth Stakeholdergroup EU University of Oslo (UiO)

Eirik Nikolai Arnesen Moderator

MD, Special Advisor
Norwegian medical Association