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EHIN 3 – Sesjon C1 - Wachter Review

Tuesday October 31, 2017 10:45 - 12:00 Room 3

Lecturers: Kjartan Olafsson, Speaker 1 TBC, Speaker 2 TBC

The Wachter Review outlined 10 recommendations to inform the English health and care system’s approach to the further implementation of IT in healthcare, especially the use of electronic health records and other digital tools to achieve a paper free system.

More on this you find here.

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Kjartan Olafsson Lecturer

GP - Listdoctor speciality of Familiy Medicine Vice-President UEMO, Central Board Norwegian Med. Ass. Board of NorGP EHealth Stakeholdergroup EU University of Oslo (UiO)

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Speaker 1 TBC Lecturer

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Speaker 2 TBC Lecturer